Narraburra Charter & By-Laws

Narraburra is a community based not for profit co-operative, whose core charter is to promote the sport of skiing. It has a fixed membership of 110 members, with a board of directors consisting of 10 of these members. It is governed by it's charter and by-laws, which are attached below for reference.

COVID-19 Safe Plan of Narraburra

The health and safety of all who stay at the Lodge is our number one priority and as such there will be a number of changes implemented for this season.
Due to the current COVID-19 situation and existing guidelines, the Board has decided to limit the total number staying in the Lodge to 12 (twelve), including all children under the age of 5.
In order to facilitate thorough cleaning of the lodge between booked weeks, the following has been decided:
  • The lodge will remain EMPTY of all people for a full 24 hours between weekly groups. 
  • Therefore, a full week will run from check-in 12 noon Sunday until 12 noon the following Saturday. The full week tariff will still apply in order to cover additional costs.
  • No weekend bookings will be accepted.
Some examples of key adjustments that will be made include the following: 
  • You will be required to familiarise yourself with and comply with the COVID-Safe Plan and acknowledge your acceptance of it by signing a waiver.
  • We ask for your own safety that you bring your own linen. If you choose to use lodge linen, you will be responsible for washing, drying, folding and restacking it yourself prior to departing at 12 noon.
  • To limit the use of the kitchen, we recommend you bring your own pre-prepared meals, as only 1 family will be allowed in the kitchen at any time.
  • No condiments (spreads, sauces, herbs & spices) will be available, except for salt, pepper and sugar. Rice, pasta, tea and coffee supplies will be available.
  • All living room cushions, lodge games and puzzles will be removed or locked away.
  • Hand sanitiser, disposable gloves, and extra cleaning supplies will be available.
  • Appropriate hygiene-related and social distancing signage will be displayed throughout the lodge.
  • The argo will be strictly limited to one designated driver per week. 
  • A register of all guests and visitors to the lodge will be kept. Only booked guests will be allowed in the lodge. If you require access to your locker, special arrangements must be made with the Booking Manager.

Opening & Closing the Lodge

Narraburra Lodge is used extensively during winter, and less so in the summer months. As such, depending on when you visit you may need to open and close the lodge. The attachment below details instructions for both opening and closing of the lodge.