History of Narraburra

In the beginning, as the story goes, six students from the University of NSW went on a first time ski weekend trip to Perisher in July 1963.They staying at Eremo Lodge but enjoyed quite a few ales at The Man after a day’s skiing and some fancy face planting.

When they staggered back to Eremo, just across the road, they got to talk about how they could build their own ski lodge, rather than stay in someone else’s lodge. You see they were all students in the School of Architecture and Building at UNSW and this was an idea that came to them that would test their developing scholastic skills. Now our lodge was conceived!

The name was chosen from a list of Aboriginal names supplied by NPWS. Narraburra was listed as meaning “Rough Country” and in 1965 that is what the lease sight looked like; more exposed granite rocks and snow gums than anything flat to build on.

The Lodge was built by the original 60 members, boys and girls, in a series of weekend work parties starting in November 1965 and opening for its first ski season in June 1966. 

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